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Название :  GameSpot Reviews - Disciples III: Renaissance Video Review
Продолжительность :   6.50
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E-sports Organization 808
Looking good
Comment from : E-sports Organization 808

Wish it had kept the Disciples 1 and 2 Lane combat.
Comment from : RubberDuckyOne

Glomi babel
better than previous disciples, better than all hereos might and magic, one of the best turn-based games (top 10). Ok the game has bugs but pick up the best stuffs of heroes might and magic and rpg games. Indispensable.
Comment from : Glomi babel

Jay Dee
"one of the worst video game narrators" that's disappointing, in russian it's one of the best that i recall, especially prologue very athmosperic in rhyme
Comment from : Jay Dee

Еvgeni Еvgeniev
Lating for disciples 3 not heroes 10
Comment from : Еvgeni Еvgeniev

Серёжа Comeback
Heroes of Might and Magic III + Heroes of Might and Magic V = Disciples III
Comment from : Серёжа Comeback

Mina Hanzel
i think disciples II graphics is much better than disciples III
Comment from : Mina Hanzel

It looks like Heroes of Might and Magic V ....D2 was better
Comment from : SIDΞKICK

xx dv
i liked disciples 2 for its art but now its crap
Comment from : xx dv

Get Reincarnation.
Comment from : PETROL ATOM

They should have kept the old look style and feel and strategy of Disciples 2 although i thought Disciples 3 was ok but i found myself suddenly stopped playing the game mid way through the first campaign.... this review was right there was just something boring and monotony about it....
Comment from : ForsakenSavior

Hds Sergiu
Disciples 2 was legend... this is crap
Comment from : Hds Sergiu

FrostFire 1987
games on sale for £2.99 on steam so thought i would come check some reviews
Comment from : FrostFire 1987

For those following this review look in to the revamped version of disciples 3 reincarnation it is what this game should have been.
Comment from : RyanFGNM

Dicu Cristi Alexandru
I played the first 2 missions from the empire... god damn it so fucking boring!!!! They killed this game the music is shit, the gameplay is terrible. Disciples 2 was the BEST TBS EVER.
Comment from : Dicu Cristi Alexandru

Sky Hope
im just gonna kick the kings ass it's all i want to play this game :D im already downloading and going to have fun making my fighters stronger ^_^
Comment from : Sky Hope

Laith Kattan
Awesome game both Renaissance and Resurrection.
Comment from : Laith Kattan

Benny Woods
played this game for a couple of minutes.  The disc eventually became fire wood.
Comment from : Benny Woods

Aleksandar Grbic
Funny how some little scrubs are commenting on the game while Disciples trilogy is older then them.
Comment from : Aleksandar Grbic

Disciples 3 were made by russians (im russian too), and theyre very proud about it, lol. I was fan of Disciples, but couldnt take the third one.
Comment from : Pyro-Moloch

TheDragonReborn Rand Al'Thor
Isometric dude, not "aerial". That's enough to take whatever you say with a grain of salt.
Comment from : TheDragonReborn Rand Al'Thor

i preferer heroes 3 :(
Comment from : xMrShadyx

Szmonoloza Szmonoloza
disciples 2 was better
Comment from : Szmonoloza Szmonoloza

Louis Fresta
lol... unicorns *are* badass
Comment from : Louis Fresta

Will CorSan
I would usually enjoy stories from my Grandpa.
Comment from : Will CorSan

Will CorSan
Actually Russians are the best developers in the World. Still the making of a whole videogame, specially its gameplay mechanics come often from the Designers. Devs have sometimes just to do what they are told.
Comment from : Will CorSan

Saurabh Mazumdar
oh really...
Comment from : Saurabh Mazumdar

Saurabh Mazumdar
i am sure he meant to say this game looks similar to Heroes of might and magic
Comment from : Saurabh Mazumdar

No Disciples III: Renaissance. Did you get lost and come to the wrong review?
Comment from : zmaj54

Adrian Adriann
Totally agree!
Comment from : Adrian Adriann

Disciples 3 gold edition which includes: 1.) D3 Renaissance 2.) D3 resurrection is priced at either $6.99 (gala price) on idiegala or $7.49 ( special price[whatever that means]) steam key. Time left in sale = 2 days 11 hours 51 minutes.
Comment from : CritiqueView

No, Im a fan of both and this isnt a clone. Beside homm wasnt the first of its kind, Kings bounty, Hammer of the Gods and Master of Magic came out before it, although homm is everyone's (and my) favourite.
Comment from : pkm100

Nox Zero
u know like, horrible voice acting, repetitive and easy combat and lets throw in no multiplayer, right? thats suuuuch an improvement.. the game is simply bad, bug ridden, repetitive ad not fun.. sure it looks nice, but for the time, and still today, disciples 2 looks quite good, its just technically and mechanically a better game
Comment from : Nox Zero

One of the originals yes. There are heaps of games in this genre though. Kings Bounty, Fantasy Wars, Elemental then there are all the online ones which are a dime a dozen.
Comment from : Luciffrit

They really moved away from the dark gothic look. Heaps of people got ticked off by that.
Comment from : Luciffrit

What a dissapointment...Disciples 2 was a GREAT game, too bad the sequel is soooo shitty...
Comment from : Neven

Nikki Lewis
Nice video!
Comment from : Nikki Lewis

Comment from : SergeFT

I agree just trying to point that this diserve at least ! minimal credits for its graphics.
Comment from : ElderGod4

Tudor Conciu
visuals are important ! BUT game-play is king ! Something that this game lacks of !
Comment from : Tudor Conciu

Hey I'm a big fan of both 1 and 2 but you must agree that the graphics are stuning in this (never played it though) even skyrim has nothing on this
Comment from : ElderGod4

worst game i have ever played
Comment from : ElderGod4

Disciples 2 was kind of the same, but still better! The Storyline was good, The battle music was epic especially when you fought the castle guardians! It wasn't all about just fighting enemies every map some were timed, and if you didn't finish it that time you were fed!
Comment from : Mdobri14561

Tudor Conciu
Disciples 2 way better in every aspect !
Comment from : Tudor Conciu

this game is such a let down. d2 gold is still the best.
Comment from : DaedalusIV

There are so many bugs or just pure *flaws* in game that it seems like they couldnt have done worse job if they tried, and i havent even finished Human campaign yet.... And narrator? All in all its horrendous..And i liked D2 so much ;(
Comment from : lik00001

this is the music Disciples III went with??? oh gawd... Disciples II had the best voice-acting and the most EPIC and CREEPY/EERIE music i ever heard in a fantasy game
Comment from : Tomi

Heroes anyone?
Comment from : Fokosmok

baal blade
I love the arts, the animation, the character design. Especially the character design, just gorgeous! But I hate the grinding, lack of content and depth, the lack of race (compare to Dis2) and unbalance enemies (if you play Elf, first map seen almost impossible)
Comment from : baal blade

@TheFlamingRedExtreme Age of Wonders 1 and 2
Comment from : Elebril

Russkiy Smiffy
heroes of might and magic?
Comment from : Russkiy Smiffy

@TheFlamingRedExtreme if you hadn't said "engaging campaign" I would say Dominions 3
Comment from : Bananadine

I have no clue why some self-proclaimed geniuos people don't like Disciples 3. Sure its not like Disciples 1 or 2 since your missing the planting of rods, standing face to face with an army and keeping your fingers crossed for a win since you cant move your units and some hero models are somewhat terrible. To me personaly its good and I like it, the game needed a change of pace eventualy and I see it kept some of the old Disciples traits and has some new ones that makes it more fun.
Comment from : MessengerOfHell

I want a tactical challenge, stategic gameplay and an engaging campaign for the PC... so what turn based games should I be looking at instead?
Comment from : TheFlamingRed

♛ Huffdaddy™
@XxcrawlinginmyskinxX its on steam for like 8 dollars
Comment from : ♛ Huffdaddy™

@halakon666 I heard that was leonard nimoy!
Comment from : waisinet

If you loved disicples 1 and 2, you'll hate this atrocity... Nothing like the other two. No rods, crappy story, boring, drawn out combat, and you can't take your own hero to the next level.
Comment from : N0TYALC

Itamar Kali
if heroes might and magic series was all dark and stuff in will be so cool
Comment from : Itamar Kali

The Backlog Vault
this is on sale for $15 at impulse - worth it?
Comment from : The Backlog Vault

im not sure why they put so much work on the campaign and not on skirmish maps...and hot seat.
Comment from : Hermoor

You wanna know why this game suck compare to the first two? That's because this one is developed by Akella (.dat studio). The previous installment is developed by Strategy First. The third installment has a very good concept but due to horrible execution. If this is your first time looking at Disciples, go play the first two and try your best to avoid this until the new Heroes of Might and Magic 6 or play King's Bounty.
Comment from : assvocado

the narrator souns like my grndpa telling me a story from when i was like five years old. it fucking sucks
Comment from : halakon666

Celery Man
@GuidedThroughGames Rofl, Amazing for you
Comment from : Celery Man

Celery Man
@GuidedThroughGames Your stupidity is noted and your opinion is ignored.
Comment from : Celery Man

Celery Man
@GuidedThroughGames Stuipd people buy shit and rich lazy people profit, that's how the world rolls. Do some research on consumer ideologies before spraying your shit all over youtube. The new COD's suck balls and yet people throw money at them by the bucket loads but indie developers that make amazing original games hardly get buy.
Comment from : Celery Man

@killthenerd5 this isn't made by blizzard
Comment from : dessan18

Charlie Parker
looks like lotr 3rd age
Comment from : Charlie Parker

amit monk
@Rammstein988 lol, dude, this game is just lame,compared to starcraft or any other strategy game, its not even on the same lvl. i do agree that its a fun game, but the reviewer is more then right. this game dosent even come close to starcraft 2 or even warcraft 3
Comment from : amit monk

This reviewer is as dull as the narrator.
Comment from : kelb89

dude man this shit is A FUKIN RIP OFF!! but it has some nice graphics though and there are no cities to play on
Comment from : deduzz

So true :(, i decided to try it out and... it sucked =.= just 2 maps for custom play(even not enough mobs to max out lvl or train faster) ? WDF is that ? Also, kinda Heroe V stolen >.< Disciples II was way better
Comment from : buchanko

HHAHAHA Narrator was terrible it killed it big time its like lords of the rings narrated by MR mago. Man what a waste such beautiful artwork, too bad the game design and voice acting is terrible.
Comment from : noobtube1210

Vy Huynh
@huynhhoangvy Yup, I totally agree with you!
Comment from : Vy Huynh

Habby Bizz
Thumbs up if u think unicors are BADASS
Comment from : Habby Bizz

Darko Bakula
Disciples ripping of Heroes of Might and Magic?
Comment from : Darko Bakula

lol the base is like a copy of lord of the ring
Comment from : Elli

offir arafeli
@agentfjols ooo im soo happy i wated to hear a review :P
Comment from : offir arafeli

Kearnice Pulliam
that bear is a golden compass ripoff
Comment from : Kearnice Pulliam

it sounds like he wanted to say good stuff abouyt it but there was sufficent stuff good to say
Comment from : halojam2202

Why would you review a shitty and unknown game like this.
Comment from : tapp3r

A copy of Heroes basically, but with the latest generation graphics and engine
Comment from : abysss91

so this is basically heroes of might and magic?
Comment from : psyckojoe

Jose Amaral
man this game must suck ass by the way this guy revewed it
Comment from : Jose Amaral

Wow, everything which was unique and good in Disciples 1 & 2 is gone. No Mountain Clans or the Undead, the unique combat system is gone etc. The predecessors were games like no other, and now this has become a HoMM clone. @DudeFromNL: Or you could download Disciples 1 or/and 2 instead of this trash and have some real fun.
Comment from : snowman

@braven1991 it basicly is heroes of might and magic
Comment from : auqifx

Ilian Georgiev
so it looks good but as a game it sux
Comment from : Ilian Georgiev

@besmith12345 lol,me too!!
Comment from : totojaaat

gay lotr ripoff
Comment from : GRAAFSHAP

Chunder Dragon
Looks like a game that people who don't have a life get, then complete it and wait for the next one...
Comment from : Chunder Dragon

Bruce Smith
Oh wow, I thought it was Diablo 3 for fuck sakes. Didn't read the title good enough.
Comment from : Bruce Smith

Roman Vlad
ok....ok i am the 4
Comment from : Roman Vlad

Oskar Johansson
Comment from : Oskar Johansson

think im first
Comment from : popothecatathome

Comment from : popothecatathome

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