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Why there is no full auto in a m14 i wsh there was one because i have that game too in our computer
Comment from : Kwazykloun

BlackHoleGnome, the
the CAR-15 should have got similar gunshot sounds to the the gunshot sounds of the AK
Comment from : BlackHoleGnome, the

The “AKM” is actually a Norinco Type 56
Comment from : B&O5300

Mr. Cool
11:13 at some point I thought this was a rickroll
Comment from : Mr. Cool

Colin Valleli
I love how they changed the side of the dust cover and ejection port on the M16A1...at least they got the 20rnd magazine right
Comment from : Colin Valleli

F.B.I official
I hate how when you pull the charging handle it makes a revolver cylinder sound
Comment from : F.B.I official

Privateer Bouncher
MAT-49 has the same Sound that M4 has in Far Cry 1 lol
Comment from : Privateer Bouncher

Ahmad Zayidan
the FOV and the unreasonably slow ass reload is so fucking annoying in this game
Comment from : Ahmad Zayidan

Jessen's Channel
he pulls all the charging handle really slowly lol
Comment from : Jessen's Channel

Nikolai Hill
I remember playing this at my grandparents house as a kid some 10 years ago, good times. My grandfather and I would take turns playing, singleplayer as they didnt have an internet connection, and I would always fly aircraft while he sniped/tanked. I cant remember when it was, but one day we discovered if you pressed 0 it brought up a huge menu of songs to play while you were in a vehicle. So, my best association of this game is seeing some fifty or so VC getting blown up by my grandfather in a Sheridan while Surfin Bird played.

Good times, if he ever gets a better PC hopefully i can play RS2 with him.

Comment from : Nikolai Hill

The guy reloads everything so slowly
Comment from : SCA

Austin C.
Damn that’s so stupid, I just realized ever fucking gun in the game is left handed lol wtf
Comment from : Austin C.

Ngl these guns sounds like a black ops cold war
Comment from : Nwas

MDM Pride
4:54 he wouldve keep the bolt open so he can realod
Comment from : MDM Pride

mc neil arriola
wait.. is it really called sks in the game?
Comment from : mc neil arriola

mc neil arriola
u know its an tt 33 right?
Comment from : mc neil arriola

Why weapons are so small/hands are so big?
Comment from : Serb

palamut adam
My childhood
Comment from : palamut adam

Is it just me, or are some of these weapons really... stubby and off-proportion? Half of them don't align well at all with the crosshairs.
Comment from : TheEvilFoxy

trí nguyên
RPD have 1 bullet
And i see a more bullets

Comment from : trí nguyên

Pras DJ
M16 with scope is the worst.
And M60 is very innacurate 🤣🤣🤣

Comment from : Pras DJ

ZombieEvan BlitzBooper
Poor mosberg the only shotgun
Comment from : ZombieEvan BlitzBooper

Guxtavo Bmp-3
Hey wheres the mortar?
Comment from : Guxtavo Bmp-3

Hellfire Videos
The AK-47 and AKM look weird.
Comment from : Hellfire Videos

steve superstar
wait... that isnt the ak47 model

it a type 56 made in china !

Comment from : steve superstar

USSF Enterprise
Battlefield 6 Cold War 2021!
Yes Cold War
NOT Vietnam

Comment from : USSF Enterprise

Repsaj 81
Actually this is Type56 AK clone from China as you can see the stick bayonet on it. 1:59
Comment from : Repsaj 81

Why do the guns have a left facing bolt/bolt opening
Comment from : the_legend_27

M0nkeyb0mber 339
I remember playing this for hours in college
Comment from : M0nkeyb0mber 339

Anyone knows why a lot of old games have the guns mirrored?
Comment from : infinitsai

Kraychach Chhun
First, in the rifle of the NVA. That’s not the AK-47, it’s the Type 56. The bayonet is attached to the weapon.
Comment from : Kraychach Chhun

one night
Those animations are the worst I've ever seen
Comment from : one night

Sushi Muncher
The Arsenal Mod for this game did the M14 justice with 20 rounds and full auto. Much fun!

Also the AKs portrayed in this game are Type-56-1s, with the folded bayonet under the barrel and closed front post.

Just reinstalled this game because of nostalgia. I missed this game so much.

Comment from : Sushi Muncher

Grim Reaper
Why in the hell is the ejection port on the wrong side ?
Comment from : Grim Reaper

Comrade Sirius
The SKS semi auto rifle has the coolest reloading animation. And I always played as a Vietcong or NVA, because they are our fellow asian just like me😁😁😁
Comment from : Comrade Sirius

joão pedro
Comment from : joão pedro

Juan Bedoya
Insert Fortunate Son*
Comment from : Juan Bedoya

Guilherme Oliveira
Does some bushes starts talking when you were recording this?
Comment from : Guilherme Oliveira

2004: bfv? you mean battlefield: vietnam?
2019 bfv? you mean battle field five?

Comment from : Foundation

It's quiet popular in Vietnamese in the early 2000s, and I am a Vietnamese also born in the early 2000s and this game is almost my childhood
Comment from : PaigeR

Fuck Google
2:42 30 round mag. Sound of 35 bullets being fired.

Why do game devs do this?

Comment from : Fuck Google

Ο Ταδε
It looks like a roblox game lol
Comment from : Ο Ταδε

nobody ,man
Why not remaster this
Comment from : nobody ,man

Franco lara
Comment from : Franco lara

Hello friends! I'm from Brazil, and if you want to play online, follow these steps that are on the link below

Then to enter the server, enter via ip - [HELLO] -BFV port: 15567

We need you guys playing!

Comment from : lo IRONMAN .BR.

Fuck me these anims are terrible
Comment from : MusicallyInclined101

Anthony Haller
God damn this game's animation didn't age well.
Comment from : Anthony Haller

Thirdy Bagz
what the i didnt see thesse weapon in bf veatnam will i like my own bf 2
Comment from : Thirdy Bagz

Faishal Aziz
8:44 Rpd in resident evil 2 remake R.P.D
Comment from : Faishal Aziz

Subscribe kênh mị lucky đó
Not all !!! but ok !!
Comment from : Subscribe kênh mị lucky đó

maertulboi 0092
6:30 ok
Comment from : maertulboi 0092

Comment from : TOP4IK TOP4IK

Gruntilda Winkybunion
great game!
Comment from : Gruntilda Winkybunion

Tommy Vercetti
I used to play this game in third grade
Comment from : Tommy Vercetti

berkuts commando
The ak in not an ak it's a type 56
Comment from : berkuts commando

FaZe thanos ninja bot
This game feels like cs source
Comment from : FaZe thanos ninja bot

Matteo Grassi
M40 for left-handed
Comment from : Matteo Grassi

Matteo Grassi
I'm pretty sure that the m16, AK and CAR 15 ejection port is on the right side
Comment from : Matteo Grassi

Matteo Grassi
What's wrong with these weapons?
Comment from : Matteo Grassi

Kuta Mansion Lombok
Comment from : Kuta Mansion Lombok

how i get this game with the nam team mate
Comment from : MatSouza

Battlefield Vietnam is a good game but I liked bf 1942 and bf 2 more
Comment from : Robert

Glory Destonk
Well that is not only those gun in battle between Vietnam and America
Because i was in that battlefield

Comment from : Glory Destonk

Mad Dog Entertainment
i.Classic Battlefield... when the bolt was on the left side and you get rained on with hot brass
ii. look at my african american over here.... Aren't you the greatest? 7:12
iii. for some reason, the M79 grenade launcher has a really cool tiger stripe skin
iv. why can't my RPG have a scope?

Comment from : Mad Dog Entertainment

Crawdad Lando
Wow it's like the game editors didn't know the first thing about the guns involved in the game.
Comment from : Crawdad Lando

Nino Nakano
Better than bf1 and bf5
Comment from : Nino Nakano

Skyler Slack
this game still active? how do i play it?
Comment from : Skyler Slack

Well... I must say the SKS is not SKS, it's call Type 56 and that is its name in the game also
Comment from : Tonydarkness

Duc Minh Tran
1:33 is that the sound of M4 wisdom in Far Cry?
Comment from : Duc Minh Tran

Hentai Man
Even though Battlefield V is set in WW2, hopefully the next one will be set in Vietnam so we can be able to use this great weapons once again
Comment from : Hentai Man

Blayne Bittencourt
Oh the historical accuracy we miss you
Comment from : Blayne Bittencourt

Lanh Craft!
vietnam number one
Comment from : Lanh Craft!

Kill me
I hope no one roast my country :)))
Comment from : Kill me

Thut Rattanamalanukul
I'm enjoy watching CAR-15 and S&W Model 19 reloading lol
Comment from : Thut Rattanamalanukul

John Harrison
This and Starwars: Battlefront was my shit back in the day. I didnt have internet so these games were fun since I could actually play the game.
Comment from : John Harrison

Foxy-Fox 115
My favorite 1:50
Comment from : Foxy-Fox 115

Curious Otter
That AK looks so nice
Comment from : Curious Otter

10:45 I would be scared shitless if someone next to me did that
Comment from : B1NARY

Rose Supreme
I like how in certain reloads, the guy has to pull the bolt as carefully as possible. Totally not obnoxious or cringeworthy at all. /s
Comment from : Rose Supreme

The ak47 looks like a shitty toy gun
Comment from : daehkciD

Ahegao -NTR
Comment from : Ahegao -NTR

John Werner
Great game but reloads are ssssslllllooooowwwwww
Comment from : John Werner

Thot Destroyer
COD WW2: shoots 1 bullet from lee Enfield and it loads 10 bullets


Comment from : Thot Destroyer

Kongou Bongo
So many guns have the ejection port and controls on the wrong side here. :(

How hard can it be to get it right?

Comment from : Kongou Bongo

Mike Gubisch
The pistol reloads make zero sense
Comment from : Mike Gubisch

đạt nguyễn
I from việt nam
Comment from : đạt nguyễn

My favorite battlefield game
Comment from : Avoldor

Zach S.
I miss this damn game. How did you get it to work? It won't work on my computer
Comment from : Zach S.

Alibey Alizade
Bf 2142 weapons
Comment from : Alibey Alizade

Juan Perón
This game was too much fun and it still is even if i got all bf instalments (which i do) this game is frecking awsome
Comment from : Juan Perón

Jee Zed
I loved this game, but damn, those weapons are not historically accurate. The bolt on the left side, the charging mechanism for ak on the left, wtf? Can it be that hard to get the look and operation right?
Comment from : Jee Zed

Sketcher Gaming
Listen to the sounds of the Shot gun reload, sounds like your just putting pellets inside your freaking pellet gun
Comment from : Sketcher Gaming

end my suffering
That's MY country!
Comment from : end my suffering

Arctic Wolf
Wheres the flame thrower
Comment from : Arctic Wolf

big soss
What's with battlefield always putting the ejection ports on the left side?
Comment from : big soss

Snail Dad
Breath hiss through teeth The Mosin-Nagant's bolt is on the wrong side...
Comment from : Snail Dad

DanTheMan HD
Who else remembers when these games were full and heavily populated
Comment from : DanTheMan HD

piggsy is angry
AE. vn dau. Roi
Comment from : piggsy is angry

Please No
I'm 100% sure those AK are China copied version!!!
Comment from : Please No

kill yourself
loads 10 bullets into SKS
shoots 1
loads 10 more

Comment from : kill yourself

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