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Название :  Nodata
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How can i fix the GAME SAVE FILE IS CORRUPTED bug?
Comment from : janchokiss

games unboxer
i have completed need for speed most wanted over 6 time and can't play this game ):
Comment from : games unboxer

Comment from : Browse

Killer Bee
An expensive demolition derby
Comment from : Killer Bee

I love the game praghics on the PS3 But its so hard to play the first missions is just UGH. If youre an trash driver dont play this game.
Comment from : Jonvabalis

Ghous Ashraf
1:21 looks like a movie scene
Comment from : Ghous Ashraf

One of the best and toughest racing game ever built.
Comment from : GT

WH1SP5RM2MM0TH# Gameplay
watch a beginner guide
Comment from : WH1SP5RM2MM0TH# Gameplay

WH1SP5RM2MM0TH# Gameplay
LMAO u suck so hard
Comment from : WH1SP5RM2MM0TH# Gameplay

Chi Chan
Comment from : Chi Chan

Tu sais pas conduire
Comment from : Spartiat_Spirit

Michael Joseph Mercado
The grid the best for me, than juice, thats all! Sorry;-)
Comment from : Michael Joseph Mercado

Cool simulator arcade
Comment from : MidiMan0

Lâm Đặng
im playing this game with ultra low and it looks like crap LOL
Comment from : Lâm Đặng

Comment from : Drivermax98

Madhan Navneetha
Millions of dollars wasted :P
Comment from : Madhan Navneetha

Heitor Rodrigues
Comment from : Heitor Rodrigues

Joey Parraga
Give the man a break not everybody can be a pro driver
Comment from : Joey Parraga

kainkain 971
Rip agera
Comment from : kainkain 971

Probably the most realistic representation of the agera in video games. Drive club not far behind. Criminal GT and PCars doesn't have the license
Comment from : XAGMNINETY

Alpha Omega
Backspace!! Oh wait I'm not playing...
Comment from : Alpha Omega

Jonny Bla5t
Title should be " Agera vs Staying on the track " lol
Comment from : Jonny Bla5t

Omari Andrews
Why did the developers think that the physics were okay?
Comment from : Omari Andrews

Bruno Salas
drift 👎
Comment from : Bruno Salas

Advay Inabathini
it's not so easy playing this game.u go too fast and turn u crash.u really need to balance.
Comment from : Advay Inabathini

Widiyastuti Tuti
la qundeta la esparco la esparco laqwendeto
Comment from : Widiyastuti Tuti

Bruno Oliveira Cordeiro
Comment from : Bruno Oliveira Cordeiro

Ben Gosnell
These people are so shit when it comes to the driving. All their doing is just crashing into people which is a pain in the ass also their sliding off the track for some reason.
Comment from : Ben Gosnell

Juan Silva
bom jogo
Comment from : Juan Silva

Do people still play online for this?
Comment from : Tokyo1995

lightnigh L
and you handled that car beautifully. barely any damage
Comment from : lightnigh L

lightnigh L
I know your pain...T.T people just wanna make you crash...just because of a clean racer
Comment from : lightnigh L

R.G Mechanics
Your driving is like shit .I can drive better than you with my eyes closed.~(@^_^@)~
Comment from : R.G Mechanics

hey maybe he drives scary but you imagine this mechanics in an open world racing game like forza horizon? jeez you would be flying apart every second that you would try to goof in off road
Comment from : N0IR YT

Luke Hammer
Hey. How do u level your cars? Constantly driving them? And what does it do?
Comment from : Luke Hammer

Levy Asu
is this race ??
Comment from : Levy Asu

estas bien pendejo no sabes jugar nenasa
Comment from : Alik

Daniel Mcdonald
Worst Driving Possible
Comment from : Daniel Mcdonald

I think that mill hoodz haven't played the game
.He will get mad if he play it i think he can't even finish the second race in 3rd place 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Comment from : REENA VERMA

this game has very bad and awful handling and Koiengsegg.! how the he'll awsome u drive can u give me tips
Comment from : REENA VERMA

Felipe Souza
Check it out my GRID 2 Videos on Very hard level, avoiding crashes
Comment from : Felipe Souza

I found this car very hard to control. Drove me crazy, no pun intended. :) LOL
Comment from : ImagewerksOne

Matheus Müller
Very weak on the steering wheel kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Comment from : Matheus Müller

Why would you buy this hen you can get Project Cars for the same price!?!?
Comment from : Tyler

the game is for pc?
Comment from : THE TEAMRD

Basyl Alzomaili
The problem is that the recording didn't show the real game graphicsThe graphics you will see while you are playing are much better than this
Comment from : Basyl Alzomaili

Basyl Alzomaili
This game is the best in graphics it is very realistic just try it and you will play it forever
Comment from : Basyl Alzomaili

Basyl Alzomaili
He can't even control it so what do you expect I have just started the game yet I control this car better than him
Comment from : Basyl Alzomaili

Leo Casi
u suck at driving lol
Comment from : Leo Casi

kainkain 971
u rid like bitsh fuck agerar ..bugatti the fastte
Comment from : kainkain 971

Joshua da Silva
Comment from : Joshua da Silva

DJ_ Light
that car is a beast and would surely have won in a head to head race against the bugatti in the game
Comment from : DJ_ Light

zemali nahlaa
you too scared of the track , come on , i can beat ur ass
Comment from : zemali nahlaa

Tajdid Sunnah
bad connering lol
Comment from : Tajdid Sunnah

jorge luis frikz palma
never upload a video driving very bad. you suck!
Comment from : jorge luis frikz palma

Asoka Herath
I played this game konigseggs handeling is spam
Comment from : Asoka Herath

Jacob the First and last knight
he Could have Won if he didn't crash at first and keep Drifting on the last 2 laps
Comment from : Jacob the First and last knight

oNc Aceboon
This was never an agera vs bugatti race I only remember seeing the bugatti once due to your poor cornering.
Comment from : oNc Aceboon

Handling and physics of this game are TRAGIC and AWEFUL...
Comment from : mayday87

René Repnik
200 mp h gleich 320 km h
Comment from : René Repnik

Witcher TV
Sucker driver, automatic -.- and only crash
Comment from : Witcher TV

BahagHari Don
No One Can Beat REAL RACING 3......better graphics..
Comment from : BahagHari Don

Ken Kaneki
lmao, a veyron coming in 1st on a proper track? that car can't turn for shit, much less win a track
Comment from : Ken Kaneki

Enraged Wallnut2
This guy can't drive
Comment from : Enraged Wallnut2

Maiky DhOmINNy
Comment from : Maiky DhOmINNy

Ali Husein
If you are playing on PC , what are your specs?
Comment from : Ali Husein

Miguel Nunes
o cara não passo dos 200Km
Comment from : Miguel Nunes

Levente Nagy
Fucking you drive
Comment from : Levente Nagy

Nick Cool
which is better for ps3 in terms of graphics? Grid 2 or Autosport?
Comment from : Nick Cool

James Lee
Every race online in this game is just demolition derby
Comment from : James Lee

White _African_
all these idiots jus sliding around an crashing , drifting is not faster than proper racing ,if you drive properly you will be winning more easily
Comment from : White _African_

daniel gunawan
Funny driving man.. 😭
Comment from : daniel gunawan

Yairon Josue
maclaren jajajaja idiot
Comment from : Yairon Josue

Meister Man
Comment from : Meister Man

Phillip Stewart
if you would have punched it the other laps going 220+ in the safe area you would have won
Comment from : Phillip Stewart

Or maybe you knew that, but suck at driving? Who knows.
Comment from : SIDEWAYS LOGIC

Nice video, although there is a thing called "brakes"
Comment from : SIDEWAYS LOGIC

guys try BAYETAS mod for grid 2 it really improves the game and is easy to install
Comment from : Zim

Speed demon1
U can't drive that's why u lost
Comment from : Speed demon1

Thyago Rocha
Man mas tu é ruim, mds ...
Comment from : Thyago Rocha

Game_Play BR
Grid 2 ????
Comment from : Game_Play BR

Comment from : 4ur4

waleed edoo
Its more fluid to steer with a keyboard. If you don't know, Xbox console support keyboard
Comment from : waleed edoo

Jacinto Dei Butalid
this is funny hehe its like he's gonna die if he ever crash hehe
Comment from : Jacinto Dei Butalid

Rishabh Gaming
I love This Game But i don't have :(
Comment from : Rishabh Gaming

Jan Kuhrau
lol did your mother teached you to drive like that? skill level over 9000 (the car not you)
Comment from : Jan Kuhrau

Giovani Torres
a freaking Agera is always faster than a Bugatti stupid
Comment from : Giovani Torres

Giovani Torres
you drive like a b** you are perfect to be f**** playing that game you're a piece of s*** don't play it again stop posting videos you dumb f***
Comment from : Giovani Torres

very bad driver !!!
Comment from : joetoebDanny

Pipe Za
STUPID drive
Comment from : Pipe Za

tee duke
what system you playing on.
Comment from : tee duke

Josiah Murphy
Mill hoodz shut up if you were in a koiengsegg agera r you would wreck every 5 sec and at least scared 2 crash in a koiengsegg is better than wanting to crash so shut up and get a life
Comment from : Josiah Murphy

The PC version is a lot better in my opinion
Comment from : MisterJar

Dave B
No Le mans in Grid2?
Comment from : Dave B

wow i hope you uninstalled the game because you suck at it
Comment from : srsparky32

Tee Deathly2
Screen tearing is just unenjoyable to watch
Comment from : Tee Deathly2

Alexi Alexiev
Is it just me,or that guy got 2 on purpose?
Comment from : Alexi Alexiev

Jiji Robles

Comment from : Jiji Robles

You guys all suck at driving. Seriously.
Comment from : Voytash

The KranzCezik
ja jebie po chuj on zwalnia na zakrętach bierze się większy zamach i popierdala szybciej z taką taktyką gościa nie pokona 3 :10 min z czego przód agery do kasacji agera jest przystosowany do okropnych szybkości i nie ogranicza się go na torze z szybkością rozumiem zakręty takie że nawet z formuły zwalniają ale nie na pewnym odcinku jak  z nascar prosze was spójrzcie na tego veyrona a na agere jak agera zwalniał a tamten pełna pizda na przód ciekawe tylko jaki stopień trudności
Comment from : The KranzCezik

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