Defeating Lu Bu in a duel with All Characters (Expert Difficulty) | Dynasty Warriors 4 видео

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Название :  Defeating Lu Bu in a duel with All Characters (Expert Difficulty) | Dynasty Warriors 4
Продолжительность :   35.43
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Просмотров :   12.989
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Кадры Defeating Lu Bu in a duel with All Characters (Expert Difficulty) | Dynasty Warriors 4

Описание Defeating Lu Bu in a duel with All Characters (Expert Difficulty) | Dynasty Warriors 4

Коментарии Defeating Lu Bu in a duel with All Characters (Expert Difficulty) | Dynasty Warriors 4

Sex Gravy
Zhou Yu 0:32, Lu Xun 1:05, Taishi Ci 1:50, SSX 2:25, Sun Jian 2:54, Sun Quan 3:41, Lu Meng 4:07, Gan Ning 4:50, Huang Gai 5:44, Sun Ce 6:30, Da Qiao 7:18, Xiao Qiao 7:51, Zhou Tai 8:42

Xiahou Dun 9:36, Dian Wei 10:22, Xu Zhu 10:54, Cao Cao 11:52, Xiahou Yuan 12:31, Zhang Liao 13:13, Sima Yi 13:44, Xu Huang 14:08, Zhang He 14:45, Zhen Ji 15:24, Cao Ren 16:20

Zhao Yun 16:58, Guan Yu 17:47, Zhang Fei 18:37, Zhuge Liang 19:20, Liu Bei 19:53, Ma Chao 20:37, Huang Zhong 21:27, Jiang Wei 22:23, Wei Yan 23:26, Pang Tong 24:05, Yue Ying 24:55

Diao Chan 25:53, Lu Bu 26:44, Dong Zhuo 27:22, Yuan Shao 28:14, Zhang Jiao 29:04, Meng Huo 29:56, Zhu Rong 30:47, Edit Rapier 31:30, Edit Greatsword 32:24, Edit Sword 33:21, Edit Spear 33:48, Edit Pike 34:31

Comment from : Sex Gravy

Nothing like defeating Lu Bu with ancient Chinese laser beams like Sima Yi 😂😂😂
Comment from : JasonKuangz

That fight with Sima Yi was like the most free bullshit I have ever seen.
Comment from : NeonLynx2790

Kevin Zhang
wait that is not hard difficulty ... even with maxed out characters one would never deal as much damage as you did.
Comment from : Kevin Zhang

Christopher Chan
which stage?
Comment from : Christopher Chan

Tip: if you get knocked over and use L1/LB to flip up and get back up, follow up by pressing triangle/Y. They never counter this and you can get an aerial slam attack in, hurting them and regaining the upper hand. Also if they ever try to do this, just jump and do the same thing - your attack will land before they've had the chance to block as the animation for it lasts a while.
Comment from : shrimpanzee001

Yue Jin
very good
Comment from : Yue Jin

Thank you for the time stamps
Comment from : April

Christopher Chan
taishi ci is the best for duels
Comment from : Christopher Chan

Oscar Zheng
lu bu got the golden experience
Comment from : Oscar Zheng

Dylan Granados
That comeback with Sun Jian was 👌👌👌👌
Comment from : Dylan Granados

Damn sima yi
Comment from : wewlz

Ali J
I never won against lu bu lol. He always had x5 my HP and a longer reach, i died in seconds
Comment from : Ali J

Goro Goro Demon
oh yeah i remember playing this one.... hated the duel system
Comment from : Goro Goro Demon

Abdullah AboMuhammad
my horror
Comment from : Abdullah AboMuhammad

where's sima yi?
Comment from : CATRINE NF

Comment from : zombejuice

Tanner Lion
16:59 Zhao Yun vs Lu Bu is the best fight
Comment from : Tanner Lion

SMProductions Wrestling
How do you win a Musou Deadlock? I always lose🤣😂
Comment from : SMProductions Wrestling

next video: doing a perfect with all characters

Man, it's been years since I last played this game. I definitely remembered this scene with Lu Bu. xD
Comment from : PinkyBear

You see it can be done.
Comment from : williamhowe1

Comment from : Sam

ميوشيرو _ Mioshiro
LuBu is the greatest warriors in the game
Comment from : ميوشيرو _ Mioshiro

Sushi Trash
When you get your ass beat by a 80 pound chick with a fan who proceeds to do cute poses over your dead body
Comment from : Sushi Trash

Eric Mai
Probably the best dw game man, I miss this so much

You brought me so much joy lmao

Comment from : Eric Mai

Michael Kuper Brink
Ma Chao during the duel with Lu Bu:

Comment from : Michael Kuper Brink

Paul Maley
Damn that Zhang Liao fight was a stomping
Comment from : Paul Maley

Classic Gaming
Is Zhang He stronger than Zhen Ji?
Comment from : Classic Gaming

Man there aren't enough games coming out.
I don't even know what to ask to see.

I'm happy you're keeping on with your rare weapons channel.

Comment from : Xedhadeaus

hey its been a while since i left a comment but do you remember the game azur lane. have you seen the show. wondering are there any anime that have similar character designs
Comment from : gotsomehead

TrainerRED Charizard
Can there be some PIRATE WARRIORS videos or hints/lore Etc? i somehow REALLY dig the Second PW a lot and 3rd one is great too.
Comment from : TrainerRED Charizard

TrainerRED Charizard
I have started to really like this series..and playing DW 8 and WOU3..I do hate how Small the arrow is compared to map and how it is a bit annoying to try and navigate the map..But that is mostly because of my bad..
Comment from : TrainerRED Charizard

Stephen Greenslade
God I miss Zhou Yu's sword and his moves with it.

Like, his staff is okay I guess but being a Dynasty warriors one through current time guy its just a really nostalgic feeling to see it.

Kinda wish it would come back.

Comment from : Stephen Greenslade

Indra The Lone Warriors
6:11 there's always that XD
Comment from : Indra The Lone Warriors

When you low key weakest warrior in three kingdoms
Comment from : Seiko

Fitrah Arasy
Next guan yu on guan du castle (i think) i dont remember the name but i know hes there as reinforcement in the forest
Comment from : Fitrah Arasy

Just Some Guy without a Mustache
Lu Bu: Can anyone provide me with a decent challenge?

Literally everyone: Hold my beer

Comment from : Just Some Guy without a Mustache

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