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Название :  Nodata
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Ambers Oswald Plush
mm I agree
Comment from : Ambers Oswald Plush

Great memes for one of my favorite games ever 😂😂😂
Comment from : D W

Matthew Lawlor
These are so funny
Comment from : Matthew Lawlor

Charlie Nguyen
now this, this is content
Comment from : Charlie Nguyen

These videos are so so good
Comment from : April

Yue Jin
I love dw4 xl n 6
I wish they put me earlier

Comment from : Yue Jin

Glad to acknowledge that someone still play this game.
Comment from : Piyapat

Georgi Azmanov
Comment from : Georgi Azmanov

DW 4 was my first dynasty warriors game , it has special place.. wish I can play it again somehow
Comment from : Dr.Sonny

- nobody -
what is the name of the song in 1:45?
Comment from : - nobody -

Pheng Peouv
I'm only just a 12 year old kid but I know that ps2 game is the best.
Comment from : Pheng Peouv

90's Network Productions
Is it just me or did the Dynasty Warriors games after this suck all the way up to DW7? (Not counting Warriors Orochi 2, best Warriors game of all time WITHOUT the lategame grind.)
Comment from : 90's Network Productions

0 Carlitos 0
I love u for making this
Comment from : 0 Carlitos 0

Victor P.
Nice memes
Comment from : Victor P.

Terrell Lewis
I just simply have to subscribe, I’ve been waiting for the day someone makes Dynasty Warriors memes or edits for the longest time
Comment from : Terrell Lewis

Brandon Hook
You just turned my childhood memory into a meme and I'm loving every second of it
Comment from : Brandon Hook

Sir LoinSteak
This is the first Dynasty Warriors game I ever played. The one I had the best experience with.
Comment from : Sir LoinSteak

William Branchide
Idk how I came across this video or why it was suggested but seriously thankyou 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 this sparked so many memories. still laughing at the commentary
Comment from : William Branchide

finally some new school edits about the old school goodies
Comment from : ᴅʀᴜᴍᴘ

Megumi Bandicoot
“Castle host ditches just as you arrive. Teach him some manners.”
Comment from : Megumi Bandicoot

Dub and Duds
Great vid!
I LOOOOOVE this game man

Comment from : Dub and Duds

Colin Winslette
I need more Dynasty Warriors shitposts plz
Comment from : Colin Winslette

Ash Sadler
Childhood classic I love this
Comment from : Ash Sadler

I like that you used Liu Bei past model and not the wimpy recent one.
Comment from : Aoishiro

Yuval Z
Next level humor on weed
Comment from : Yuval Z

Best video 10/10
Comment from : Wanded

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