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2 xtreme legends
Comment from : ZΛRD ZUMI

natan silva
Quem aqui acha esse jogo muito parecido com o Anime e série de jogos BASARA.
Comment from : natan silva

I think I've fallen in love with this game on ps2..
Comment from : 輸送する彼のブルック

Officially Samurai 5 has been announced to come all xbox, PS and switch platformsComing this year 2021 in the summer 🔥
Comment from : ʙʟ2ʟ

demirkafa sutlac
I need to play the first one again, as a kid I was so confused all the time, now as an adult I think I can appreciate the game more.
Comment from : demirkafa sutlac

Garth Alpha
I want SW 1 and 2 empires for Xbox backwards compatibility.
Comment from : Garth Alpha

Furret is here
Saya pernah main game ini di ps 2 saya dan ps 3
Comment from : Furret is here

Superochos s8
Comment from : Superochos s8

Mbah Doel
dari segi grafik samurai warriors terbaik memang
Comment from : Mbah Doel

MEC Film
I sure remember different graphics in SW2
Comment from : MEC Film

Lazuardy T.G
Comment from : Lazuardy T.G

Fauzan Farsya
karakter favorit saya sw game adalah Azai Nagamasa & Naoe Kanetsugu
Comment from : Fauzan Farsya

The Merchant
Target eliminated...
Comment from : The Merchant

Mccree • 74 years ago
No joke but this game is so similar like the one piece one
Comment from : Mccree • 74 years ago

Ervan Muhamad
Diantara Dynasty warriors, basara, dan samurai warriors, paling keren tetep Samurai Warriors 😁, lebih keren karakter dan skill2 nya, Kotaro Fuma dan Nobunaga Oda terkeren 😅
Comment from : Ervan Muhamad

Deas Amandika
Dynasty warrior game China
Comment from : Deas Amandika

Deas Amandika
Game Jepang
Comment from : Deas Amandika

RRP 28
Orang indo?
Comment from : RRP 28

Grand Oblivion
The All-Time best Samurai Warriors game will forever be 2/2XL to me. Loved 1 and I really like 4, but 2 was special.
Comment from : Grand Oblivion

derpity derr
Soul of the samurai, is the best
Comment from : derpity derr

dendi obos
SW 2 the best..
Comment from : dendi obos

I think we can all agree that after SW2:XL the franchise went downhill, it has became so unrealistic and fantasy-ish to a great degree. I would say it is even similar to Dynasty Warriors and far away from Samurai Warriors. I had all the CDs for up until SW2:XL, I tried SW3 and was so disappointed of how the game plays and the characters look. Nonetheless, it was the best franchise in my opinion and still has great nostalgia till today, I am playing it with an emulator on my pc since my ps2 has died. RIP ps2 :(
Comment from : S4Ri

Неоновый Фролик
My first warriors game was Warriors Orochi, i remeber it just like yesterdsy, i got a pirated DVD version an then fell in love
Comment from : Неоновый Фролик

Vitha Motulo
😃 Bahasa inggris tremasan 😄 gue bahasa indonesai
Comment from : Vitha Motulo

Hafiz Ikhtiar
I like. Samurai warriors 4 ii
Comment from : Hafiz Ikhtiar

I need a volunteer for choose which game is i need to play :
-1)Samurai Warriors 4ii or Spirit of Sanada


Ahh yess
I had so many memories with SW 2 and Xtreme Legends

Comment from : MILI

My opinion, Samurai Warriors 1 is still the best and I would love to see a remaster
Comment from : thunderboyAAC

Shumunya Cho
Samurai Warriors 2 & 2 Empires were the only games that I had. Use to love playing Sugoroku. ( the board game that only appeared in SW2 Vanilla )
Comment from : Shumunya Cho

DaeDaeTha Alien
This is basically dynasty warriors
Comment from : DaeDaeTha Alien

Gui Teixeira Music
Is Sw4 empires availeable for pc in any shape or form?
Comment from : Gui Teixeira Music

Alindra dwi Putra alam
Kok semua netizen inggris tadi Indonesia
Comment from : Alindra dwi Putra alam

samurai warriors 2 was all time best in my life
Comment from : sevenstar77

Tokugawa, one step at a time
Comment from : RDU23

Xavior Bufkin
Samurai warriors 2 is the greatest warriors game ever.........
Comment from : Xavior Bufkin

Pratama TH
Naomasa li bukan karakter kalo di sw2 wkwk
Comment from : Pratama TH

I really do miss samurai warriors having a dub ngl.
Comment from : Noctisout

Sun Ce
Second warriors says : Tanmarega
Its mean fuck you in english lol

Comment from : Sun Ce

IDsfx TM
Tadakatsu Honda looks like Japanese Version of Lubu
Comment from : IDsfx TM

Robby albert kaunang
Collet ps 1 sampai ps 4 😂😐
Comment from : Robby albert kaunang

agora é a hora
This is perfect gamer
Comment from : agora é a hora

i loved the 3ds version samurai warriors chornicles
Comment from : Yaq

Kenapa sw4 gk ada fitur character reset sih? Pdhl sayang biar ada replay valuenya kyk di dw8
Comment from : 089Stargazer

Henri N
anyone remember how hard to get the legend/gold weapon of kotaro fuma on sw 2:v
Comment from : Henri N

The best game,samurai warriors extreme legendes PS2!🇧🇷
Comment from : RUAN GABRIEL

the best is the SW2 from 2006.
eu play this game until today, I love it.

Comment from : TheSantoro

Machine Gun Spaghetti
Plis koei tecmo, Yoshimoto Imagawa dibikin sangar di SW selanjutnya
Comment from : Machine Gun Spaghetti

Daffa Mahaldika
Itu yg sengoku musou 3z ada di psp juga
Comment from : Daffa Mahaldika

Muhammed Denli
Why Tadakatsu Helping Kanetsugu?
Comment from : Muhammed Denli

I hate how they change hideyoshi hashiba 3 moveset to 7 moveset now, in sw1 extreme legend was great to use him
Comment from : stacee

Amar Faruq Al Husna
Request tomb rider dude
Comment from : Amar Faruq Al Husna

8B Dinata A. T. H
Hahaha jadi rindu,setiap pulang jumad langsung main samurai warior 2 hahah
Comment from : 8B Dinata A. T. H

Silver Jackt_
Jirr org Indo
Comment from : Silver Jackt_

Kanata Kira
Dear Koei Tecmo,

Please make a new Samurai Warriors game soon as possible it's been 3 years

Comment from : Kanata Kira

زيوني السيد
Is this game available in play 4?
Comment from : زيوني السيد

Samurai wariors 2 bisa gak di ps 2?
Comment from : Bintang

Оксана Снежинская
Meanwhile everyone fans wait for samurai warriors 5 announce.
Comment from : Оксана Снежинская

Did not know that Keiji Maeda was a man
Comment from : Aʟᴀɴ

Adam Payne
Wow! That was totally epic!!

Hanzo- target eliminated

Comment from : Adam Payne

Felis Catus
Samurai Warriors 2 Soundtrack is the best, seems Samurai Warriors 4 music is great too, but i never play it...
Comment from : Felis Catus

I only played sw1, not even the Xtreme legend
Comment from : T智

Mohammed Alani
Now playing sw4_2 on pc it sounds really good 👌
Comment from : Mohammed Alani

What's the difference between SW4 and SW4II? I own SW4 but not the latter.
Comment from : evafox

Comment from : こめパン

Comment from : Orion

I regret ever stepping into Dynasty Warriors / Samurai Warriors / Warriors Orochi franchises.. too many games, too many versions... just confusing and tiring
Comment from : LUAN JAGUAR KING 1993

alfando alfaridzi
Dynasty Warriors > Samurai Warriors imo
Comment from : alfando alfaridzi

Rhesa Marchell
Samurai Warriors : Spirit Of Sanada
The best ^^^^^^

Comment from : Rhesa Marchell

I am Your Father
Daddy boys non sense video game
Comment from : I am Your Father

Coffee Succubus
Samurai Warriors had a far better development than Dynasty Warriors oddly.
Comment from : Coffee Succubus

Yuris Anugrah
the good old days 😂
Comment from : Yuris Anugrah

Luka Kai
Move set ain't that different from 1 to 2 eh...
Comment from : Luka Kai

AE Bot
now how to free download samurai warriors series?
Comment from : AE Bot

Man I miss sw1, there is something unexplainable about that game make it so great. The later games are somehow never achieve that feeling.
Comment from : Mistico

E. C
The first one from 2004 with hattori hanzo what a game in its time
Comment from : E. C

Too bad KOEI wouldnt port every single game to pc :(
Comment from : GuloX

I first play this on my PS2. I would be saving to buy the game and then would play it after school. Then my dad got rid of my PS2 and all the games. Then I would be playing on my siblings laptop. We all got our own favourite characters. My fav is Dante and Oichi. While my sis is Azai and the girl with umbrella (I don't remember her name). Now, I'm still playing this game but the Samurai Warriors 4 II. It would be fun learning history this way lol
Comment from : Cathect

Samurai warriors 2 T___T now Oichi sucks in the new games
Comment from : 02Rainer

3IA05_ Febriyan Syaputra
Paling memorable yg pertama 😭😭
Comment from : 3IA05_ Febriyan Syaputra

AbdelRahman Said
SW2 will still be the best
Comment from : AbdelRahman Said

North Star Ken
I had a rough time in the mid 2000s and this takes me back. This series helped me cope a lot with that.
Comment from : North Star Ken

Anjir yang request orang indo
Comment from : Anishon

Megumi Bandicoot

~ Nobunaga Oda

Comment from : Megumi Bandicoot

More like de-evolution :D I think Koei really needs a dose of "less is more" .
Comment from : L0RDFR3NCHY

Batosay Himura
Comment from : Batosay Himura

74 R m3r
dynasny warriows ?
Comment from : 74 R m3r

Isn’t this like dynasty warriors
Comment from : TempleTagger

Arief Gaming
Why Kojuro in kotaro fuma army (3:07)
Comment from : Arief Gaming

just shows how little they put into this series
Comment from : ShadowJacky

asuka sk
I still play on ps3 in 2020.. what
Comment from : asuka sk

Strike Blade
Ada Samurai Warriors Katana di wii dan Abis SW2 Xtreme legends, Samurai Warriors 3 dulu Baru 3z/musouden ... Dan kedua game itu tersedia di wii juga
Comment from : Strike Blade

Methos Wolf
Samurai Warriors 3 was originally on the Wii, only later was it out ported to the PS2 and PSP. The PlayStation ports were Japan only, it's a Wii exclusive for rest of the world.
Comment from : Methos Wolf

SW2 and SW4-II was the BEST!!!
Comment from : KimmyOlaya

Radec Stark
SW 1and XL had the best VA and good designs
Mitsuhide Kenshin Keiji Yukimura Tadakatsu Ina hell the Generic officers actually looked like samurai warriors in SW1

Comment from : Radec Stark

Ericko 193
Hero Favorit Aku Kotaro Fuma , Mitsuhide Akechi , Hanzo Hattori , Dan Yukimura Sanada :D
Comment from : Ericko 193

Most impressive
Comment from : The KING of ANDROSICA

Abdoulhay Ceesay
I didn't know adult Yuki was in Samurai Warriors 1...
Comment from : Abdoulhay Ceesay

Joel Araujo
Poxa minha infância foi esse jogo...sdds
Comment from : Joel Araujo

Dabian Chow
Comment from : Dabian Chow

I remember playing the first samurai warrior game, damn it was hella good
Comment from : LateTan

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