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Название :  Nodata
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Hie 2 Kolob
Great intro! Great nod to a revolutionary game.
Comment from : Hie 2 Kolob

jonathan plooij
2:12 lol
Comment from : jonathan plooij

Bert van Soeren
my favorite Battlefield game ...
Comment from : Bert van Soeren

chad cowman
Video is broken BTW. Can't watch it properly
Comment from : chad cowman

Glitched Blox
Comment from : Glitched Blox

Anthony Lim
I’m getting this game in retail form cos I don’t have enough storage space for Rising storm 2 (2017)
Comment from : Anthony Lim

Andrew Blonski
Who tf is hue
Comment from : Andrew Blonski

I just love how at the start fortunate son is just casually playing with nothing but destruction and mayhem in the background
Comment from : Fizzy360wolf

PvtSiltman Foxx
Intro... Perfect. Presentation... Perfect. Gameplay... Perfect
Comment from : PvtSiltman Foxx

Harry S Human
Holy shit, I had no idea you could pick up vehicles with a helicopter. Years wasted.
Comment from : Harry S Human

I still have all the cds with their boxes 👍
Comment from : wagner55

Punjabi sticks baby

Meat Bag
This really brings back the nostalgia memories.
Comment from : Meat Bag

Stopped playing Socom 2 on the Ps2 and started this one. I freaking loved that game. Online pvp was intense! You could fly a chinook with 8 soldiers then pick up a tank with three more inside that and fly into combat smooth AF! The helicopters were so fun to fly sometimes you didn't even care about shooting people and just fly around.
Comment from : FocusWithin

abaya sugen
Definately one of the funnest games i ever played, even compared to new shooters.
Comment from : abaya sugen

Morgan borzelli
This and 1942 was my childhood.. wish I could go back to that .. nothing comes close to these games still to this day lol
Comment from : Morgan borzelli

Mike MacDowell
I learned how to build a "gaming pc" back in 2004 and got Verizon dsl to reduce lag while playing this game, and help give me an upper hand. The Huey was such a treat to fly.

Is there a way to play this game on windows 10??

Comment from : Mike MacDowell

I used to play this game non stop as a kid, only against bots. the memories! graphics are somewhat worse than I remember though haha
Comment from : OʜʜFK

1942, Vietnam and bf2 use to play these games like crazy
Comment from : xJesusJuice95x

How did you manage to get gameplay for this/ how did you get the game i have the cds for 1942 and Vietnam but it keeps giving me this "log in with administrative privileges" I AM THE ADMIN
Comment from : Crabowithastabo

James Halford
Great video. GREAT game. My introduction to the Battlefield series.
Comment from : James Halford

These videos deserve more views.
Comment from : H

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