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Máté Tüzér
Damn, those "on ice" physics. Good times :D
Comment from : Máté Tüzér

Is there a way to play this online somehow?
Comment from : Pointman87

Orellote Odeon
where is the fcking soundtrack yo
Comment from : Orellote Odeon

Beast with the mortar as AA impressive
Comment from : Wepif

Кемалист доктрин
The times that companies cared about how their games looked like.
After the bf2 they are done

Comment from : Кемалист доктрин

Fighting Street23
So no one isnt going to talk about the midair heli theft
Comment from : Fighting Street23

CanadianTurf Sandwich
Wow the memories. I miss this one and B1942 and B2
Comment from : CanadianTurf Sandwich

Ivy Lyons
Does BFV have any "global" discussion groups (for not just specific clan?)
Comment from : Ivy Lyons

Santiago Vidal
Jjajaja, clint eastwood
Comment from : Santiago Vidal

Alot more spirit in these older games. Not so damn regulated, and "fair for everyone" type shit.
Comment from : SH00T TH3PUMP

Лев Бочкарев
5:08, 7:00,8:48,9:34 map?
Comment from : Лев Бочкарев

You are a great player but me I am nooooooop
Comment from : HOOK

emily paige
Comment from : emily paige

Nikolas Galo cego
Wow. This game's so nice! I remember when i was a kid, 10 years old, playing this game online and LAN with my brothers. Good times that don't will come back :/. If somebody still playing this game, comment bellow! Let's play together.
Comment from : Nikolas Galo cego

I tried looking for this and BF1942 on Steam with no success 😢. I enjoyed BF2 as well when it first came out.
Comment from : Wessex90

Taz Khalid
I played back in 2005 - 2009, we joined the Helo Heli Killers server with the HHK Clan and my tag name was T-Mob with my buddy G-Mob. If anyone remembers that time or group. There was Helo, JessicaWabit, StingRay, LargeSarge and many others. Truly, one of the best times of game play ever (for me at least). Legendary.
Comment from : Taz Khalid

The guy with the rocket launcher is a straight up gangster. Taking out choppers like they're nothing. Savage.
Comment from : Scooter

Yron Josh Navarroza
oooha legend game
Comment from : Yron Josh Navarroza

I miss this game😔
Comment from : Khenz

Klown Birus
Im still playing this in 2020.
Comment from : Klown Birus

M1sk pw
This is My ChildHood Game
Comment from : M1sk pw

Brylan Bristopher Woods
What patch for the multiplayer
Comment from : Brylan Bristopher Woods

emeric dion
am i the only one you never understood how to fly the helicopter 😂
Comment from : emeric dion

hej hejsan
This brings back some good memories. I might consider to install the game once again and play a round or two on the Hello-server

Comment from : hej hejsan

Playing against bots and filming it...
Comment from : Faylum1

Shane Kaung Htet
The first battlefield game for me
Comment from : Shane Kaung Htet

Bro wake up It’s 2006
70th subscriber!
Comment from : Bro wake up It’s 2006

Levi Campos
I was wondering where you downloaded bf vietnam, if u can get me the link?
Comment from : Levi Campos

Miki GG
I remember when i used to play BF2, BF1942 and BF Vietnam. Ahh... Nostalgia...
Comment from : Miki GG

Marvin Main

Comment from : Marvin Main

Syriana Basila
viva cristo rey

Comment from : Syriana Basila

Ged Pewds
2020 and I'm still playing this
Comment from : Ged Pewds

I miss this game so much, I wish EA/DICE would remake it just the way it was for the next gen consoles.
Comment from : crackalacs74

Wheelin N’ Dealin
I’m watching this now and I’m pretty positive the game machanics for even the newest Hatfield have not changed it’s just different skins
Comment from : Wheelin N’ Dealin

Hin Weber
This is multiplayer?
Comment from : Hin Weber

Akil Ikmal
Comment from : Akil Ikmal

Wow, this did not age as well as I remembered haha
Comment from : Yammyrider07

great game!

Wish battle field would go back to the basic instead of making games with women and robotic arms and telling people if they don't like don't buy it

Comment from : Michael

Zach S.
This game and 1942 made me so fuckin happy. I just ordered an old windows xp laptop and a brand new copy of both. I really hope they work. I'm keeping my fingers crossed
Comment from : Zach S.

facundo bitsch
Como hago para jugar on line? please
Comment from : facundo bitsch

War, it ain't nothing but a heartbreaker
War, friend only to the undertaker
Peace, love and understanding

Comment from : くらぶなび

No music in the helis?
Comment from : Mike

james bond
Bei mir werden leider nur Server mit höchstens 5 spieler angezeigt gibt es vielleicht noch welche mit mehr spieler
Comment from : james bond

The most fearsome anti-air weapon of the war:
The M2 mortar

Comment from : 1N73RC3P7OR

I used to play this for hours. Every so often, I would climb on a transport helicopter with a crew of other soldiers, and the pilot would skillfully dive and swing us into a rice paddy so fast and smooth that I could swear he was a real pilot in the Vietnam war. This game was gold! The radio music in the jeeps and the Tokyo Rose style propaganda playing in the background were so well done. Hard to think of a game I have more nostalgia for. A faithful remake of this would be A-OK with me.
Comment from : BlueSkunk

Dead Dipsy
Comment from : Dead Dipsy

Peter Nehemiah
1:59 - 2:02 nice transition :)
Comment from : Peter Nehemiah

CanadianTurf Sandwich
Battlefield 1942 Battlefield Vietnam Battlefield 2 Bad company 2 : those were the good Battlefield days !
Comment from : CanadianTurf Sandwich

monggo diklik
did you become a vietnamese person?
Comment from : monggo diklik

The Space Account
Oh man, I played this game so much when I was younger! I loved it.
Comment from : The Space Account

ppl still playing this game ?:D
Comment from : Dutchgunner15

They don't make games like they used to
Comment from : Djonathan

Tanveer Hasan
do people still play it online?
Comment from : Tanveer Hasan

King Jack
Many respect ✊🏻
Comment from : King Jack

EnsaR EnsaR
Comment from : EnsaR EnsaR

Ahmed Essam
Could I be your friend?
Comment from : Ahmed Essam

I wan't a remake of this game so bad!!
Comment from : KIKE92

This game needs a remake...
Comment from : Flag

Man I laughed so hard at 6:05/11:13/12:35. I want to go back boys.... I loved doing the stuff you show. Such a great game but then they fucked it up by buffing the M60, that was ridiculous. It was no fun. Anyone remember? Anyways, not to sound cocky but I'm pretty good at BF. I would stay alive the whole game in a heli in BF2 for example. No one could get me. Man I miss it so much.
Comment from : 187onaPigeon

Spencer Lord
Is [HELLO] still running?
Comment from : Spencer Lord

Spencer Lord
This game is what got me gaming. I miss the old stuff.
Comment from : Spencer Lord

OO loco que recuerdos del ciber dios quiero volver a cer niño
Comment from : AMIGOSGAMERS #

So many guys flying while not listening to the best in-game music ever made in the history of mankind....
Comment from : Vara

the man eats people for breakfast thats for sure.
Comment from : warmecanic

Alfonso Santiago Rojas
How can I buy this game
Comment from : Alfonso Santiago Rojas

Im only 13, but this game made my childhood, i can still remember me always watching the intro
Comment from : Ghost

Boalol lal
Loved the draw distance in this, all felt so foggy.
You couldn't get sniped from across the map and a heli/plane could appear from anywhere.

Comment from : Boalol lal

Marc Normandin
Flying the choppers was so much fun! And the music!
Comment from : Marc Normandin

JesKot _
Anybody plz let me name of servers please🙏🙏💓
Comment from : JesKot _

JesKot _
You play on server or with bots?
Comment from : JesKot _

I'm getting flashbacks how much fun this game was...
Comment from : LuchsLater

Fredde 88
Strange behaviour
Comment from : Fredde 88

SN1P3R bot
hey Clint, i swear i remember you from [GRIFFIN] days.. anyways glad to see ppl still playing this amazing game.
Comment from : SN1P3R bot

How did you get full resolution?
Comment from : Dmitry

2+2 is on my mind
Comment from : Timic83tc

sr. JB
still people playing it?
Comment from : sr. JB

I feel like people are undermining the greatness of offline Instant Action with bots.
Still playin 1942 even now.

Battlefield 6 should bring it back.

Comment from : EliteDeltaTeam

I finally found it!

Comment from : Pokeey

Comment from : Stefan

Michael Carl-Christian Laß
I spend so much time on jolt.co.uk Flaming Dart. They've switched NVA planes/choppers for tanks and only left ARVN one F4 and a chinook as the only airpower. It was so much fun and was extremely well balanced. To this day best fun I've had in gaming!
Comment from : Michael Carl-Christian Laß

back in the day i used to play it against bots, jut like bf2, and i seriously thought i was playing online against real people hahhaa. too young to understand back then :D
also i'd like the next BF to take place in the vietnam war era, it's great with advanced tech, helis, jets... or as a big dlc to BF5 next year. WW2 gets boring at some point.

Comment from : AxCYeR

AplexaS 420
Haha veryyy nice and nostalgic... People these days cry about every new BF
Comment from : AplexaS 420

One of the best war multiplayer game ever !! Still better than Battlefield 5 and Arma for me
Comment from : AA\AD J

KnightBeef YT
Stop fraternizing with the enemy!
Comment from : KnightBeef YT

AlexGreat Indie
To be continued...

Comment from : AlexGreat Indie

Brother Maleus Praetor
Play this while watching
┬┴┬┴┤ ͜ʖ ͡°)

Comment from : Brother Maleus Praetor

Brother Maleus Praetor

Comment from : Brother Maleus Praetor

Sergio Nardi Castello
the best!
Comment from : Sergio Nardi Castello

Đức Châu Á
Nick Fury :)))))
Comment from : Đức Châu Á

Omfg, My first Battlefield game, good memories in the trenches
Comment from : deathgrinds

good video bro! :)
Comment from : YakuzaThePlayer

Pedro Andrade
The most fun I ever had online. It´s a shame the new ones are so crappy
Comment from : Pedro Andrade

is this game still alive online? i'm considering to install it again :D
Comment from : DigitalJ

O the memories. Best online game ever!
Comment from : I HATE WHITEY

Miss this game
Comment from : Salad

Clint's BFV
Thanks for the comments & views!
Comment from : Clint's BFV

Tom Phoenix
You are a surgeon with the mortar!
Comment from : Tom Phoenix

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